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Welcome to Clear & Colour. We are an Aluminium Joinery Recolouring, Clear Coating & Repairs Company. Get in touch today if you are looking to modernise your home with a fresh clear coat or complete recolour. We also repair your tired and faded joinery to make it look essentially brand new. Our team provides a high quality and friendly service throughout the Hibiscus Coast Region and beyond.

Has the aluminium joinery in your home or business started to fade? Does it look dull and has it lost its lustre and colour? At Clear & Colour, we have the solution.

Our aluminium joinery painting, recolouring, and restoration services are available throughout the West and North Auckland areas. If you have aluminium joinery, we’ll make it look fantastic again.

We work both on residential properties and commercial properties and can complete the joinery restoration as part of a wider renovation project or as a standalone job.

You’ll love the finish, and you’ll love the increase in property value which often results from our restoration work. Please give us a call to find out more and to get a quote. Call now on 021 166 4193.


Benefits of Our Joinery Painting & Window Recolouring Services in Auckland


Our joinery painting and window recolouring services offer a range of benefits whether you are a homeowner, or you want the work done on your Auckland business premises. Those benefits include:

  • Improves the appearance of your property as the aluminium will have restored lustre, shine, colour, and vibrancy

  • The finish we apply will help to protect the aluminium surfaces on your property

  • You won’t have to do as much maintenance as the finish we apply is long-lasting

  • Prevents wear and tear from UV rays and harsh weather conditions

  • Increases the value of your property

In addition to painting and restoring your aluminium joinery, we can also recolour the joinery in your home or business. Whether the colour of your joinery is outdated, or you simply want a new look, we are the team you can depend on.

Please contact us today to get a free, no-obligation quote. Call now on 021 166 4193.

Check out some of our before and after pictures from some recent jobs completed on the Coast.









Alongside Perfection is Possible Painting we decided to create an add-on company, called Clear & Colour Joinery Restoration. So not only can we paint your Roof & the Interior & Exterior of your home, we can also restore all the joinery too back to it's original state.

At Clear & Colour we provide a product & service that can transform the look of your old aluminium joinery. We can re-coat your old weathered, faded and oxidised joinery with either a clear coat of Nano-Clear® ​OR alternatively we can completely change the colour to give your home a new look. 


To view more before & after pictures please visit the link below. 




Nano-Clear® rejuvenates the old colour and adds layers of a protective clear coating which brings your joinery back to life. 


To modernise your joinery we now can change the colour of your joinery using a Two Pack Epoxy Coating. Giving your home that fresh new feeling. 


To read some of our Testimonials from clients please click the button below. 

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