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To the right we have some before and after pictures of two garage doors completed on the Hibiscus Coast. In the top two pictures we changed the door from a cream to a black using two pac paint, for a fresh new colour. The bottom two pictures show the difference our Nano-Clear® product makes when applied. The results leave it looking clean, fresh and essentially brand-new. 

Over time, garage doors start to look dull, faded, and untidy. The cause is often general wear and tear, but the problems can be exacerbated by harsh weather conditions as well as the sun’s harmful UV rays. Does this sound familiar? Luckily, there is a solution.


At Clear & Colour, we are the garage door painting experts in North Auckland, West Auckland, and the Hibiscus Coast. Once we are finished with your garage door, it will look like new again.


Do you want to change the colour of your garage door? We can help with this too. Our garage door painting and restoration services include changing the colour of the door while also restoring the door’s overall appearance.


To find out more about how we can make your garage door look clean, fresh, and attractive again, please give us a call on 021 166 4193.


Garage Door Painting Services in Auckland and On the Hibiscus Coast


We use the latest and most effective materials and processes to restore the appearance of your garage door. The finish we apply also helps to protect the door, plus it requires minimal maintenance.


Our garage door painting services are available anywhere on the Hibiscus Coast including in West and North Auckland. The service includes:


  • Thoroughly cleaning the door so it is ready for the painting and restoration work

  • Etching the surface of the door to ensure the best possible adhesion and final finish

  • Removal of previous paint spots to leave the surface clean and ready for the finishing work

  • Prepping the garage for the painting work to ensure nothing else is affected

  • Applying multiple coats of the highly specialised Nano Clear finish until the desired appearance is achieved

  • Removal of masking once the garage door has dried


Get a quote for garage door painting in Auckland and the Hibiscus Coast today. Quotes are free and there is no obligation, so please call us now on 021 166 4193.


Reasons to Choose Us


  • Extensive experience restoring, recolouring, and painting aluminium joinery as well as garage doors

  • We only use high-quality materials and tried and tested processes

  • Our team is professional and will respect your home at all times

  • The materials and processes we use are suitable for all types of aluminium residential and commercial garage doors

  • We are reliable and dependable

  • Our prices are competitive


Please contact us now on 021 166 4193 to get a free, no-obligation quote.

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